APC Patio Perfect (Patio Perfect) is a division of Atlas Protective Coatings. Patio Perfect specializes in refurbishing metal furniture and outdoor fixtures. Our services include powder coating, custom cushions, slings, strapping and replacement furniture hardware. Patio Perfect also provides custom consulting and design services for indoor/outdoor redecorating and upholstery

During the warmer months of the year, people enjoy spending time with friends out back on the patio or deck. Unfortunately, that old lawn furniture is looking its age. What to do? You can buy new lawn furniture (expensive) or attempt to sand, grind and paint the old lawn furniture yourself just to redo it again next year (time consuming) or have it cleaned and powder coated by professionals.

Patio Perfect can refurbish many types of metal lawn furniture. We use powder coating to provide an extremely strong and durable finish that is weather and rust resistant. Patio Perfect has powder coated many lawn items including:

  • gates
  • fencing
  • lawn chairs
  • lawn tables
  • chaise lounges
  • bar stools
  • end tables
  • lawn art
  • planters
  • lawn equipment
  • many other metal items

Patio Perfect makes custom cushions, slings and strapping to match any decor. We also offer individual consultation services as well as upholstery services.

Preparation is an extremely important step in the metal refinishing process. In many cases Patio Perfect sandblasts the item to ensure a clean surface that is free of contaminates. We also inspect each item prior to powder coating for material defects, weak weld areas and metal fatigue.

There are numerous color options available. Patio Perfect also offers hammertone and texture finishes for your furniture. Precise color matching is also available.